Annual Symposium

BAEO's Annual Symposium is the largest gathering of Black education reform supporters in the nation, drawing as many as 1000 participants. The event has been designed to inform, inspire, and empower Black parents, educators, elected officials, clergy and emerging leaders (aged 16-35) about high-quality educational options for low-income and working-class Black families.

The Symposium program includes interactive concurrent and general sessions, school visits and advanced film screenings. The following innovative and exciting program strands are available to participants:

  • Mobilization and Advocacy empowers parents to play an effective role in shaping public policy through grassroots mobilization and advocacy efforts

  • Title II: Global Competitiveness through College Readiness and Success teaches innovative and dynamic strategies to close the achievement gap.

  • High-Quality Black-Led Charter Schools shares best practices on how to sustain and replicate successful Black-led charter schools

  • Bailey-Sullivan Leadership Institute trains and develops Black leaders to spread the message about education quality and choice and continue the fight for change

  • Policy (for elected officials only and hosted in partnership with Harvard's Program on Education Policy and Governance) unites Black elected officials from around the country who support parental choice programs or want to learn how to create programs in their cities or states

  • View photo highlights of Symposium 2015 below:

    Symposium 2015

    Memphis, TN

    March 19-21, 2015

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